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The Lyre of Orpheus
When / Where:

G18, Helsinki, 2013

Tulindberg Hall, Oulu, 2014

"The Lyre of Orpheus" had two concerts: The Secret of the Heart and A little rust red sail.


More information here.


Der Wanderer
When / Where:

G18, Helsinki, 2014

Castelvecchio, Verona, 2014

Der Wanderer was the second concert in the Concert series "Matka" (The Journey). 


More information here.

Il viaggio
When / Where:

G18, Helsinki, 2014

Tulindberg Hall, Oulu, 2014

Il Viaggio was the first concert in the Concert series "Matka" (The Journey). 


More information here.

Collaborative projects




Holmqvist has planned and created concerts and concert series with lied- and piano music in collaboration with mezzo soprano Marika Kivinen. Their goal is to give concerts whose contents are based on a interesting theme and to present a repertoire that includes both well-known and lesser known music.


In 2013-2014 Holmqvist and Kivinen realized, in collaboration with soprano Minna Nyberg and pianist Laura Heikkilä, the concert series ”The Lyre of Orpheus”. The idea was to present music connected with the poet Edith Södergran and her time. 


In 2014 followed "The Journey", in collaboration with pianist Laura Heikkilä. This time the unifying theme was musical journeys and travels, in both reality and in imagination. 


The concert "Dreams of a May Evening" in 2016 was created in collaboration with the pianist Asta Onnila. The programme included the first performance of Holmqvist's song cycle Fem dikter av Jarl Hemmer (Five poems of Jarl Hemmer). This concert will be given again during the concert season 2016-2017.


These concerts have been given financial support from Svenska Kulturfonden, Oskar Öflunds stiftelse, Stiftelsen Tre Smeder and Eugène, Elisabeth och Birgit Nygréns stiftelse


Information about upcoming concerts and concert series will be announced on this page.





Christian Holmqvist, Marika Kivinen, Laura Heikkilä

Photo: Laura Reunanen 

Dreams of a May Evening
When / Where:

The Hall of Balder, Helsinki, 2016


Dreams of a May Evening featured songs by Barber, Holmqvist, Grieg and R. Strauss.

Posters: Noora Taijala

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