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List of works

Stage Works 


Jardín de la Muerte (2021-22) 

a song cycle for the stage

mezzo-soprano, tenor, alto saxophone, violin, cello, percussion (1 player)

poems by Maritza Núñez (in Spanish)

Duration: 55'

Orchestral Music


Divertimento (1996)

symphonic wind band

piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, clarinet in es, 4 clarinets in b, bass clarinet, 2 bassoons, 2 alto saxophones, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, 4 french horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, euphonium, tuba, contrabass, percussion (4-5 players)

Commissioned by Akateeminen puhallinorkesteri (The Academic Wind Band of Helsinki University)

I. Allegretto, II. Romanza, III. Tempo di menuetto, IV. Alla marcia 

Duration: 14’

FP: Akateeminen puhallinorkesteri, Kalervo Kulmala, Seinäjoki 20.3.1999

Publisher: Edition Tilli


Purgatory Triptych (1999/2012)


Awarded with the main prize in the Kuopio Composition Contest 1999 

I. Prelude, II. Toccata, III. Passacaglia 

Duration: 28’

FP (first version): Kuopio City Orchestra, Atso Almila, Kuopio 4.5.2000


Petite suite baroque (2000)

string orchestra 

I. Gavotte, II. Sarabande, III. Gigue 

Duration: 8’

FP: St. Michel Strings, Ari Angervo, Helsinki 4.4.2000

Zwielicht (2017-2018)


Duration: 17'

Variations on a Theme by Mozart (2018-2019)


Duration: 25'

Instrumental Solo and Orchestra

Concerto for French Horn (2000)

french horn solo + percussion (1 player), strings

Commissioned by Tero Toivonen

Duration: 20’

FP: Tero Toivonen, Avanti!, Jani Telaranta, Helsinki 1.2.2004

Concerto for Saxophone (2005-2006) 

alto/soprano saxophone solo + percussion (1 player), piano, strings

Commissioned by Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo

I. Canto, II. Cadenza, III. Capriccio 

Duration: 18’

FP: Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo, Hämeenlinna City Orchestra, Tuomas Rousi, Hämeenlinna 14.11.2006

Recording: Ballade-Finnish Saxophone Concertos Volume 3. Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo, A chamber orchestra, Sasha Mäkilä. OPTCD-09006 (2009)

Concerto for Violin and String Orchestra (2022) 

violin solo + strings 

I. Andante, II. Allegro tenebroso, III. Adagio, IV. Andante-Allegro

Duration 40'

Vocal Solo and Orchestra 

Four Love Poems of John Donne (2018)

mezzo-soprano + 1111/1000/01/strings 

I. The Canonization, II. The Sun Rising, III. The Apparition, IV. The Relic.

Duration: 32'

Fyra dikter av Edith Södergran (2019)

mezzo-soprano + 22(+cor anglais)22/2110/12/harp/piano(+celesta)/strings 

I. Vad är mitt hemland? II. Orfeus, III. Beslut, IV. Hemkomst 

Duration: 12'

see also works for voice and piano

Song cycle for mezzo-soprano and string orchestra (2023)

commissioned by Marika Kivinen

work in progress

FP 2024 in preparation 

Chamber Music 


Introduzione e scherzo (1992)

violin and piano

Duration: 10’

FP: Antti Elomaa & Pia Henriksson, Helsinki 6.3.1993

Pezzo Concertante (1998)

alto saxophone and piano

Commissioned by Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo

Duration: 8’50’’

FP: Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo & Risto-Matti Marin, Espoo 25.11.1998

Recording: Kevättuulahdus / A Breath of Spring. Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo & Risto Matti Marin. OPTCD-01003-4 (2000)

Publisher: Edition Tilli


Saxophone Quartet (1999)

Commissioned by Akateeminen saksofonikvartetti (The Academic Saxophone Quartet)

I. Modo di sonata, II. Marcia fantastico, III. Finale brioso 

Duration: 12’

FP: Akateeminen saksofonikvartetto, Riihimäki 23.1.2000

Recording: Finnish Saxophone Quartets. Akateeminen saksofonikvartetti. OPTCD-10007-8 (2010)

Printed score available: Edition Tilli


String Quartet No. 1 (2002/2013)

I. Adagio non troppo, II. Vivace, III. Allegretto, IV. Allegro agitato, V. Adagio non troppo 

Awarded with the first prize in the chamber music work category of the Kuopio Composition Contest 2002

Duration: 23’

FP (first version): Savo-kvartetti, Kuopio 2.10.2003

String Quartet No. 2 (2006/2020)

I. Adagio- Allegro, II. Tema con variazioni

Duration: 28'

Götterdämmerung (2008)

A tribute to Rammstein

alto saxophone and piano

Commissioned by the duo Metallifonia

Duration: 8’

FP: Metallifonia (Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo & Risto-Matti Marin), Tampere 5.2.2009

Score available at MusicFinland


String Quartet No. 3 (2009-2010)

I. Allegro con fuoco, II. Adagio-Doppio movimento-Adagio, III. Allegro vivace

Duration: 20’

FP: AND ensemble (Annemarie Åström, Paula Nykänen, Tiila Kangas & Tomas Nuñez-Garcés), 

Helsinki 5.4.2011 


String Quartet No. 4 (2012)

I. Molto adagio, II. Allegro e inquieto, III. Adagio

Duration: 22'

Zugzwang (2015)

accordion and guitar

Commissioned by Matti Pulkki & Jonne Grans

Duration: 12'

FP Matti Pulkki & Jonne Grans, Helsinki 26.5.2016

String Quartet No. 5 (2015-16)

I. Andante comodo, II. Vivace, III. Adagio, IV. Allegretto con grazia

Duration: 33'

Sonata for Violin and Piano (2016-17)

I. Allegro appassionato, II. Largo, III. Allegretto con spirito

Duration: 24'

FP Annemarie Åström & Annika Palm, Helsinki 24.10.2021


String Quartet No. 6 (2021)

I. Allegro piacevole, II. Adagio, III. Allegro risoluto

Duration: 22'

Solo Works 

Three Preludes (2000/2017)


I. Adagio, II. Presto, III. Rubato, con delicatezza 

Duration: 4'

FP (first version): Laura Heikkilä, Helsinki 28.10.2013

Score available at MusicFinland


Adagietto (2001/2010)


Duration: 3’

FP (first version): Svante Forsman, Siuntio 18.8.2001

Score available at MusicFinland

Sonatina No 1 (2002)


I. Allegretto, II. Larghetto, III. Allegretto 

Duration: 8’

FP: Risto-Matti Marin, Mänttä 30.6.2005

Score available at MusicFinland


Sherlock's Violin (2002)

solo violin

Awarded with the first prize in the solo violin work category of the Kuopio Composition Contest 2002

Duration: 10’

FP: Teemu Tuominen, Kuopio 2.10.2003

Score available at MusicFinland


Sonatina No, 2 (2005)


I. Andante, II. Allegro con brio 

Duration: 6’

FP: Laura Heikkilä, Tarttu 5.2.2013

Bagatelles (2011)


I. Walls, II. Courage, III. The Cat, IV. Grief, V. The Garden, VI. In the Dark, VII. Snow

Duration: 7’

FP: Laura Heikkilä, Helsinki 4.11.2013 

Score available at MusicFinland 

Transparent Things (2019)

suite for piano

I. Tranquillo, II. Allegro con brio, III. Andante, IV. Andantino, V. Allegro giocoso, VI. Andante soave, VII. Con moto. Misterioso, VIII. Con spirito, IX. Largo, X. Vivace, XI. Epilogue (Sognando).

Duration: 28'30''

Syldavian Dances (2020)


I. Vivo, II. Adagio, III. Andantino quasi allegretto, IV. Larghetto, V. Allegretto   

Duration: 12’ 30’'

The September Lyre (2020)


Duration: 7'  

FP Ere Lievonen, Amsterdam 26.6.2021

The Dark's Spinets (2021)


Duration: 7' 

FP Ere Lievonen, Aalborg 9.11.2021

Nothing But the Embittered Sun (2022)


Duration: 12' 

Work for Organ (2023)

commissioned by Ere Lievonen

work in progress 

Voice and Ensemble


Kanske är älska ingenting (2021)

mezzo-soprano, cello and piano

Commissioned by Marika Kivinen

Words by Märta Tikkanen (In Swedish)

Duration: 7'30''

FP Marika Kivinen, Iiris Tötterström & Jenna Ristilä, Helsinki 25.3.2023 

Diptico (2022)

mezzo-soprano, alto saxophone, cello and piano

Commissioned by Marika Kivinen

Poems by Maritza Núñez (In Spanish)

I. Retornoser, II. rusakko 

Duration: 10'

Voice and Piano


The Fool's Songs from Twelfth Night (1993)

medium voice and piano

Poems by William Shakespeare (in English)

I. O Mistress Mine, II. Come Away Death, III. When That I Was And a Little Tiny Boy

Duration: 7'30''

Score available at MusicFinland

Kaksi Uuno Kailaan runoa (1994)

medium voice and piano

Poems by Uuno Kailas (in Finnish)

I. Sumu, II. Hollantilainen 

Duration: 12'

Fyra dikter av Edith Södergran (2002)

high voice and piano

Poems by Edith Södergran (in Swedish) 

I. Vad är mitt hemland?, II. Orfeus, III. Beslut, IV. Hemkomst

Duration: 12’

FP: Marika Kivinen & Eeva Tapanen, Helsinki 16.3.2011

Publisher: Edition Tilli

see also works for vocal solo and orchestra

Three Sonnets of Shakespeare (2003-2004)

medium voice and piano

Poems by William Shakespeare (in English)

I. Sonnet 12 (When I do count the Clock), II. Sonnet 19 (Devouring Time), Sonnet 76 (Why is my verse so barren of new pride?)

Duration: 10'

FP: Marika Kivinen & Laura Heikkilä, Turku 12.5.2008

Score available at MusicFinland


Drei Sonette an Orpheus (2007)

medium voice and piano

Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke (in German)

I. Sei allem Abschied voran, II. Errichtet keinen Denkstein, III. Giebt es wirklich die Zeit, die zerstörende?

Duration: 8’

FP: Marika Kivinen & Laura Heikkilä, Helsinki 28.10.2013

Score available at MusicFinland


Five Children’s Poems (2009)

easy songs for amateurs; medium voice and piano

Poems by Christina Rossetti (in English)

I. What does the Bee do?, II. How many Seconds in a Minute?, III. If I were a Queen, IV. Who has seen the Wind?, V. If a Pig wore a Wig

Duration: 9’

FP: students at the Vantaan musiikkiopisto & Asta Onnila, Vantaa 21.3.2015

Score available at MusicFinland

O notte, o dolce tempo (2014)

mezzo-soprano and piano

Commissioned by Marika Kivinen

Poem by Michelangelo Buonarroti (in Italian)

Duration: 3’50’’

FP Marika Kivinen & Laura Heikkilä, Helsinki 8.9.2014

Score available at MusicFinland

Fem dikter av Jarl Hemmer (2015)

mezzo-soprano and piano

Poems by Jarl Hemmer (in Swedish)

I. På nattgammal is, II. Den främmande fågeln, III. Akvarell, IV. Bön, V. Över dunklet.

Duration: 20'

FP Marika Kivinen & Asta Onnila, Helsinki 22.5.2016

Score available at MusicFinland

Denna stora tomhet (2017)

song cycle for voice and piano

Poems by Henry Parland (in Swedish)

I Ingenstansifrån, II. Vid mina fingrar, III .Varifrån fan, IV. Den stora Dagenefter, V. Denna stora tomhet.

Duration: 12'

På moln stod du! (2017)

bass-baritone (or bass) and piano

Poem by J. J. Wecksell (in Swedish)

Duration: 6´

Score available at MusicFinland

I Have Desired To Go (2020)

medium voice and piano

Poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins (in English)

Duration: 2'30''

FP Marika Kivinen & Jenna Ristilä, Kustavi 17.7.2022 

Pain (2022)

medium voice and piano

Poem by Ivor Gurney (in English)

Duration: 4'

La tragedia é commedia (2022-23)

tenor and piano

Poem by Petteri Loukio (in Italian)

Duration: 5'30''

Choral Works

O min luta! (2005/2012/2017) 

male choir

Poem by Zacharias Topelius (in Swedish) 

Commissioned by the male choir Frihetsbröderna

Duration: 2’50’'

FP (first version) Frihetsbröderna, Markus Nordström, Helsinki 5.12.2005

Score available at MusicFinland

Dickinson Suite (2013) 

mixed choir

Poems by Emily Dickinson (in English)  

1. I reason, earth is short, 2. I never felt at home below, 3. I have no life but this, 4. ”Heavenly Father”, take to thee, 5. Under the light yet under, 6. Though the great waters sleep

Duration: 13'

Score available at MusicFinland

Nocturne (2014)

male choir

Poem by Edith Södergran (in Swedish)

Commissioned by the male choir Frihetsbröderna

Duration: 3'50''

FP: Frihetsbröderna, John Emanuelsson, Helsinki 11.4.2015

Score available at MusicFinland

Oktober (2018)

male choir

Poem by Kurt Högnäs (in Swedish)

Duration: 2'30''

FP: Kristinestads Manskör, Anders Teir, Kristinestad 17.11.2018

Vier Gedichte von Georg Trakl (2021)

mixed choir

1. Die Sonne, 2. Der Schatten, 3. Nachtlied, 4. Einklang 

Poems by Georg Trakl (in German)

Duration: 12'

FP Tampere Cappella, Markus Yli-Jokipii, Tampere 17.9.2022

Moments of Vision (2022)

male choir

Poem by Thomas Hardy (in English)

Duration 4'


Arrangements, transcriptions

Huddie Ledbetter: Cotton Fields

arranged for male choir (2018)

Commissioned by the male choir Frihetsbröderna 

Duration: 2´

FP: The male choir Frihetsbröderna, Jan C. Westerlund, Espoo 20.10.2018


transcription for orchestra of Robert Schumann's Nachtstück op 23:1 (2021)


Duration: 6´


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